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General Information

Turkish Fruit Juice Industry Association (MEYED) has been established in 1993 in order to bring the companies in the Turkish fruit juice industry together under the same roof. As the only representative of the industry, MEYED has 42 members.

From the first day of its foundation, MEYED has brought industry’s stakeholders from the areas of agriculture, food processing and health, expert academicians and the professionals from the industry together in order to put forward solutions for the common issues and contribute to the development of the industry.

MEYED has been incorporated all the fruit juice producers and some supplier companies from packaging and auxiliary material industries. MEYED has been a member of International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers (IFU) since 1997 and European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN) since 2005.  In order to ensure fair competition and quality control; MEYED is also working in cooperation with SGF (Sure-Global-Fair), which is an international non-profit industrial self control body situated in Germany.

Introducing the “fruit juice” concept correctly to public, developing the intra-sectoral cooperation, enhancing information exchange between companies, supporting related researches, communicating with the public & related institutions about the fruit juice and its benefits are among the MEYED’s objectives. 

Other objectives of MEYED are:

  • Ensuring and accelerating communication & information exchange among the companies within the industry.
  • Representing the industry and defending industry’s opinions in front of the public & public institutions.
  • Monitoring the legal regulations concerning industrial developments and consumer safety. Informing its members about those.
  • Following the technological and analytical innovations and sharing the information regarding those with its members.
  • Protecting fair competition within the industry.
  • Protecting the quality of fruit juice and similar products produced in the Turkish fruit juice industry.
  • Supporting the researches on fruit juice composition, production technology, quality and nutritive value.
  • Informing public about the outcomes of those researches.
  • Working with common sense in order to enhance the production, consumption and exportation of fruit juice, as well as fruit production.
  • Affiliating to concerned international organizations as the representative of the industry and cooperating with related national associations.

Working Groups

Three working groups has been founded in order to get more contribution from the members to the work done in the Association, identify the problems of the industry & find solutions for them in a most efficient way. Those are Communication, Agriculture, Technical Working Groups. 

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