MEYED was elected in the board of International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers

MEYED was elected in the board of International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers

MEYED is now one of the decision makers of global fruit juice industry

Making great efforts to reveal the high potential of fruit juice industry in Turkey, MEYED (Association of Fruit Juice Industry) took an important step for playing a distinctive role in the global market. MEYED was elected for IFU Board of Directors during the General Assembly Meeting of IFU (International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers). That MEYED represents the Turkish fruit juice industry on an international platform will pave the ground for the national introduction, improving fruit juice industry’s anticipated contributions to our national economy and clearing the way for the industry.

Association of Fruit Juice Industry (MEYED) that contributes to Turkish fruit juice industry’s development and opening up to the world is an association that plays an active role both in the country and around the world.  MEYED represents our country abroad, Turkey reveals the fruit juice industry’s potential.  The fact that MEYED was elected for IFU Board of Directors does not only enhance MEYED’s image but also comes up with new opportunities for the industry.


Turkey as a Global Player in Fruit Juice Industry

MEYED will represent the Turkish fruit juice industry on a Board where world famous corporations gather and made decisions for the global fruit juice industry. Turkey’s being involved in the Board of Directors is a concrete indication that it has become a fast-growing and promising country in the fruit juice industry. IFU Board of Directors can be composed of maximum seven people and each member represents a separate region. The objective here is to organise a board of directors that represents the entire world. As MEYED, we have been entitled to represent two strategy regions of the global fruit juice market, namely Southeast Europe and Eurasia, including Turkey. What we have acquired means more than being selected for IFU Board of Directors: We are positioned as the representative of a high potential region. At times when the balance of power is being re-shaped, the position we have acquired is supposed to be recognised as a strategic success for our industry. As MEYED and Turkish fruit juice industry, we are planning to develop new projects for the future while we act as the leader of the strategic regions. These are very precious opportunities for strengthening international relationships and introducing our country. 

MEYED’s global prestige and efficiency

MEYED has a prestigious place in the global fruit juice industry, and it has membership in all remarkable associations in the overall industry. MEYED is a member of International Federation of Fruit Juice producers (IFU) and European Association of Fruit Juice (AIJN). MEYED gives uttermost importance to fair competition and makes great efforts to produce the highest quality products for the consumers. Turkish fruit juice industry was nominated as a star as far as fast growing trends and low consumption levels that are open for development are concerned.

About IFU

Founded in 1949, IFU (International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers) has 61 members (associations, corporations and companies) from 32 countries that have a sat in the fruit juice industry, which makes it the largest organisation in the field. Having its registered office in Paris, capital to France, IFU has been carrying out with its uninterrupted activities since 55 years as from the very first event held and organised in 1953. MEYED became a member of IFU in 1997 and since then it has been closely following up with IFU organisations and conveying the decisions, industrial innovations and technological advancements to the Turkish industry. In the same manner, revealing during the conventions the current state of the Turkish fruit juice industry, MEYED is introducing the industry to the world. It does not only follow up with what IFU conducts, but also contributes to them.

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